Pikes Bridge

Pikes Bridge

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Pikes Bridge; the Bridge spans the canal and railway almost directly opposite the entrance to Carton Estate. The high stone wall on the far side of the road surrounds the estate, home of the Dukes of Leinster. This area up to the bridge is known as” Dukes Harbour”, and was built for him so as he could cruse the canal in his own boat. The all-weather surface and seating around the area it makes an ideal spot for a short stop.
As you emerge from under Pike Bridge, you get a quick glimpse of Carton House. Soon, you get your first sighting of Maynooth, when the spire of the church in St. Patrick’s College appears above the trees in the distance.

From Pike Bridge to Mullen Bridge is 1.35 miles (2.1 km).

Carton House

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