We have removed our Liffey Bridges Section, to concentrate on our information building for the “Canal’s of Dublin”  See Bridges of Dublin for information on the bridges across the River Liffey.

The Smart Tags are now starting to be put out along the banks of the Royal Canal.  Today 21/06/16 some went up between Ashtown 10th Lock & 12th Lock.  The pilot project will be continued to be rolled out along the Royal Canal from Binns Bridge to Maynooth/Kilcock   Check back here for updates.  The smart tags are along the Royal Canal and their content can be accessed Here!

To use the tags along the canal by scanning a QR code with your smartphone or by tapping an NFC tag with a NFC enabled smartphone.

If you don’t have any of the features above you can even load a web browser and visit canalsofdublin.com, and browse to the Royal Canal Interactive Walk pages, or type the web link on each tag directly into your browser.

The system has been setup using the Android system and tested using the ScanLife and I-Nigma QR code reading apps.

If you are on an alternative platform, search for “QR reader” within the application shop for your device.

We also hope to lay a Geocaching trail/s along a section of the Royal Canal.

This is a pilot scheme that the Royal Canal Amenity Group are running in association with Waterways Ireland.

Please visit the Royal Canal Amenity Group website for more information on walks and events along the Royal Canal and the canal’s of Dublin

Why not come and join us on one of our walks!

We aim to provide you with information along the Canal’s of Dublin from their start in the city to the 12th Lock on each canal.