Pontoon Bridge

First, although the MGWR was permitted to buy the Royal Canal, it was forced to keep the navigation open. And because its lines were to run along the canal banks for most of the way to Mullingar, the Broadstone terminus had to be at the same level as the harbour, which was on an embankment 30′ [9.14 m] above the Phibsborough Road.

That meant keeping the station buildings north-west of the harbour, but in turn that meant that passengers and vehicles, arriving and departing, would have to cross the canal to get to the station. Because lots of people would need to cross at the same time, before or after a train arrived, it was felt that a 50′ [15.24 m] wide bridge would be needed. The canal at the chosen crossing point was 17′ 4″ [5.28 m] wide and 8′ [2.44 m] deep.

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Jackson's Bridge

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Jackson\'s Bridge 53.381089, -6.621162