Physical Web

The Physical Web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations.  Where you see the logo above, the Physical Web is active on the Royal Canal.  We will publish locations here.  Read more about the Physical Web and how to set it up for you to use


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March 2017

We don’t usually do blog posts and we have only re-kindled the blog, we may keep it or kill it, a decision yet to be made.  Anyway, to update you.

After nearly 3 years of trialling and testing our smart signs for along the Royal Canal, we have eventually decided on a design and type.  We will be placing an initial 30 of these along the canal at various locations between now and September of this year.

During the year as well as our smart tags we will be deploying 10 Bluetooth Beacons along the canal, locations yet to be decided, but we will list the locations here as we put them out, our smart tag locations can be found here!

More on the Bluetooth Beacons when we deploy them

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Inland Waterways PodCasts/Radio

We have been thinking about this for a while, and now we feel is the time to gather views on it.  “Is there scope or space for an Inland waterways podcast/on line radio station”?

The Canals of Dublin team feels there is…we have looked at the web and there are already a few of them about, one in Ireland that covers maritime news and a few in the UK and Europe.

We would appreciate your constructive feedback and comments on this project.  Our thoughts are to start with a weekly 15 minute podcast, covering Irish inland waterways news and expanding to the UK and Europe in time.

If you are interested in getting involved or helping with this project, please Contact Us!

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